Zipper Gallery : orgXIIIorg’s Cosplay Costumes

This page shows some of the costumes made by Saeru & Ryn that have included our giant zippers.



Saeru’s Anti-form Sora costume uses one #30 black zipper chain (no slider) for the jacket, and another #30 black zipper chain ( which was spray-painted in a two-tone gradient) for the shoes.

Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora Anti-Sora



Ryn’s Riku costume uses one white (spray-painted) zipper chain (again, with no slider) for the jacket. (To compare the scale of the #30 zippers, a normal #10 zipper was used on the black shirt here.)

ohayo-5488 Anti-Sora w/ Riku Riku Riku



Saeru’s Ven costume uses #30 zipper chain of one of the original colors (light grey) we had for the jacket.

Ventus Ventus Ventus VentusVentus


Rufus Shinra (KH concept design)

Saeru’s original take on Rufus Shinra in a Kingdom Hearts punk style for the Twilight Town Turks design group uses a long black #30 zipper chain for the coat.

Rufus Rufus Rufus Rufus

steampunk design

“train baron” steampunk design

Saeru created a steampunk concept outfit which uses more #30 zipper chain (spray-painted with metallic Krylon Fusion) along the side of the pants leg.

steampunk steampunk steampunk design

Xaldin and Xigbar

Organization XIII

And now, some examples of what these giant zippers were originally designed for: Organization XIII coats! The various costumes shown here use different giant #30 zipper chains (with 2 pulls each on either end) including the black, pewter, silver and gunmetal colors.

Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII full group TRON Vexen TRON Vexen Organization XIII coat sample hood-up Organization XIII coat sample hood-up Xaldin Xaldin Riku Organization XIII coat sample Organization XIII coat sample Organization XIII coat sample close-up Organization XIII coat sample close-up Xaldin and Xigbar

more Sora shoes

These were commissions for others, so we only took close-up photos of the shoes themselves. The default drive uses silver giant zipper chain segments, and the anti-form uses black (again, spray-painted) giant zipper chain segments.
(By the way: the tutorial for making your own Sora shoes is located here.)

Sora shoes Sora shoes Sora shoes Anti-Sora shoes