Zipper Gallery : Special Events

This gallery shows our giant zippers used as decoration or costuming for limited-time special events such as holidays or parades.


These are production shots from an international MAC Cosmetics (a.k.a. Estée Lauder a.k.a. Ulta) event which originally took place in Florida for the preview release of their “Red, She Said” make-up line. The photos of the display were supplied by designers at All Staging Unlimited employing our giant zippers in their display sets.

: giant #30 zipper chain w/ extra sliders (and later-added custom pulls)

MAC Cosmetics display event MAC Cosmetics display event MAC Cosmetics display event MAC Cosmetics display event

Fasnacht Carnivale in Basel

These photos were provided by one of our customers, who used our giant zippers as part of satirical costumes of a PSA during the weekend’s parade.

The concept is: “This year, our theme is aimed to expose one of the issues we have in the city and bring awareness to the fact that after an evening of partying, some men become careless and would urinate in public – against a wall or in a corner. These actions cost the city a lot of money to have to hire people to clean up and also makes it very unattractive to the citizens. Our costumes are in two parts – first represents the “cleaning” team and the second represents the “men” with their zippers down and doing their business. =) The zippers we bought from you were a fantastic visual representation, both in terms of the bright colors and the size, to bring out costume together. The members of the group who wore them played either piccolos or drums as they marched along.”

: yellow giant #30 zippers

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