Zipper Gallery : Industry Fashion

Shown here are some of our zippers used in various clothing collections from professional fashion designers and in Fashion Weeks over the years.

Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab’s Spring / Summer 2008 Ready-to-Wear Collection shown at London Fashion Week 2007. The theme for this line was human anatomy, so the giant zippers on the backs are meant to simulate exposed spinal columns in the four outfits that incorporated them. (Also shown are shots of the outfits from the front.)

: black & white giant #30 one-end-opening (bag-style) zippers

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Dramatik Fanatic

Dramatik Fanatic of New York has incorporated the over-sized zips in a few lines, including the Edgy Collection + Futuristik Glam Collection, using various colors of both long and short zippers for some really stand-out design details.

: colorful giant #30 fully-opening (jacket-style) zippers

df15 df6 df13 df8 df11 df4 df24 df25 df26 df16 df17 df22 df14 df1 df3 df18 df19 df23 df2 df7 df21 df5 df10 df9

Club Faith Fighter

Club Faith Fighter’s Urban Fashions for Pro-Fighters are surprisingly-subtle big-zippered hoodies for kick-boxers and athletes

: black & pewter giant #30 (wrap-around) zippers

cff4 cff1 cff3 cff2

Dat Tag Clothing

Dat Tag in the U.K. uses many mixed-and-matched colored zippers of the same length to get an extra-pop to the street styled “Zippee” tank tops, hoodies and dresses.

: colorful giant #30 fully-opening (jacket-style) zippers

dt2 dt4 dt5

Thom Browne

Thom Browne’s Fall 2010 Collection shown at New York Fashion Week. The theme here is a mix of sporty and wintry, with the chunky #30 zippers included in many of the outfits, featured along the spine and also at the bottoms of the sleeves.

: gunmetal-grey giant #30 fully-opening (jacket-style) zippers

5298710037_3ed0f4a8db_o 5299363216_dc8d50cbd8_o 5299312102_2ebdb89b65_o 5299311836_3aabccf953_o 5299312210_838ba862d9_o 5299312300_1b339dd91c_o 5298710125_ed06d47445_o 5299312420_b769b3206c_o 5298709973_f25e059f0f_o 5299311742_0573fc627a_o

Leila Shams

Leila Shams’s Spring 2010 Collection "Weird Science." More zipper usage along the spine, but low on the back, for one article in her collection here.

: black giant #30 fully-opening (jacket-style) zipper