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2-15: Our new shopping cart is finally up! ...And a big restock is being made right now - just in time since a lot of the normal inventory has recently sold out. O_o After this point, we're reorganized to allow for much more stock to be available, as well as plans to expand to other products. Additionally, custom orders are soon to return.


Mars One

Help us send Saeru to Mars. Forever. For real. Find out about the one-way-to-Mars mission of the not too distant future - plus Sae's public application, video interview roundtable with the Huffington Post, interview clip with Fox2STL, and general wonderment on Sae's project-specific Tumblr and Twitter accounts. (And I guess now everyone knows Saeru's real name. And gender. Weird.)

Location Photos

Ever since Flickr "upgraded" itself recently, Ryn has not been to make use of it whatsoever, on any device, on any connection. (So we're not really sure the exact user they were aiming to accommodate...?) Since no replacement photo-sharing site was found to be sufficient, all the billions of adventure photos shall be migrating directly onto a gallery here at the start of the new year. In the meantime, a sampling of older exploration location photography is still public on Flickr. For now...

Fandom Novel

A while ago, Sae had this quick little fanfic by the name of Signature that has since mutated into an extensive multi-perspective epic spanning multiple novel-length arcs, including dips into: intrigue, political maneuverings, class struggles, corporate propaganda, industrial sabotage, betrayals, gladiatorial combat, engineering ethics, temporally-displaced mysteries, musical quantum and the nature of sentience itself.
...Oh yeah, and giant alien robots. Hope you like Soundwave, folks. (Though, really, who doesn't?) No prior knowledge of Transformers is required, as this should be a good read to any sci-fi enthusiast - plus is also all ages appropriate. In fact, we'd love to hear what non-TF fans think!

Costume Workings

Since this is the single most-asked question concerning both Organization XIII cosplay coat crafting + successfully sewing with our giant zippers in general, I'll just continue to leave this video here on the front page for now....

While we are "officially" retired from cosplay commissions, we are still constructing a massive printed pattern with step-by-step photos and videos that will be available once it passes beta. For those in a rush, continue to refer to the mods, tutorials and refs we compiled in the Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Cosplay Support Thread.

Ryn has also begun undertaking the task of sifting through tons of our old in-progress photos for past costume work, both completed and abandoned. (Well, perhaps abandoned "temporarily" in any case.) This workshop gallery is only scratching the surface, and more photos will be added chronologically as they are unearthed in an attempt to gather every raw piece of progress in one spot. (And this is just first component in finally setting up a snazzy costume portfolio...which has been long overdue.)